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Where to get demo content for UHD / 4K TV?

So you got a shiny new UltraHD or 3D TV, and it looked great in the shop with awesome videos of beaches and flowers and deserts and skyscrapers right? But now you’ve got it home, you you’re stuck watching upscaled MPEG2 broadcast TV and while YouTube and Netflix tell you they can do 4K, you don’t quite believe that they aren’t compressing the fuck out of the video streams, because you imagined 4K would look better than this.

So has got your back, with dozens of demo videos in a variety of formats, including many of the same ones that made you buy the TV in the first place.

Most modern TVs can play video directly from a USB stick so just copy the videos you get onto that and plug it into your TV. Note that not all TVs will play all formats.