The new Nokia isn’t Nokia

After weeks of rumours, it was announced today that the Nokia brand will be returning to the world of smartphones in 2017 with a new lineup of Android based devices.

But while many of those involved are former Nokia Mobile Phones employees, it should be noted that this *isn’t* a launch backed by the remaining Nokia Corporation and its vast cash reserves. It’s an upstart company called HMD Global, who have licensed the Nokia name and rights to produce mobile phones using that name, with manufacturing by Foxconn of Taiwan. That means this is not the same team behind the Nokia N1 tablet in China, or the Z Launcher home screen. Those people lost their jobs some time back in 2015.

With most of Nokia’s mobile handset related patents remaining the property of Microsoft, they will have a hard time being competitive on price because of the sheer number of patent royalties handset OEMs need to pay.

Still, at least there’s no Anssi Vanjoki to be seen this time, so perhaps they stand a chance…