Idiots at The Verge assume all spreadsheets are Excel

Lazy idiot Micah Singleton at The Verge, in a desperate attempt to hit his article quota for the day, posted some bullshit non-news that does the rounds every few months about Kelly Rowland using a spreadsheet to send a text message in the video for her hit song “Dilemma”.

Unfortunately for Micah, who is supposedly a tech journalist, he betrays his lack of tech knowledge  by assuming that all spreadsheets must be Microsoft Excel, proclaiming “Near the end of the video, Rowland checks her Nokia 9290 PDA / phone for a text, but not in the messaging app — in Excel. Yes, that Excel.”

It being filmed in 2002, this is of course not a Nokia phone produced when they were owned temporarily by Microsoft, this is Nokia at their peak of innovation and competitiveness, and given their extremely combative relationship with Microsoft at the time, that is, as any fool know, most certainly not Microsoft Excel.

Instead, this is a Nokia 9290 (US version of the 9210i), and it runs Symbian OS (version 6.1 Crystal UI to be precise) and this is therefore the built in ‘Sheet’ program originally seen on the Psion Series 5.

See this lazy idiot’s full story at – honestly how do such people get jobs covering tech when they think the only spreadsheet in the world is Excel??