How to tell if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp

To tell if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp, you won’t get an error message when you try to message them. If you’re thinking “has someone blocked me on whats app” or “who has blocked me on whatsapp” here’s the answer.

Instead look for the following signs, each of which on its own doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve blocked you but if all of them are true then you are probably blocked:

  • You can’t see an image in their status icon (but note that if you have an image for them in your Contacts app you may still see that image). Note many users don’t have a status image, so on its own it’s not definitive.
  • You don’t see any status message for that users in the Contacts list. Again note that many users don’t have a status message. But if another friend can see their message that might mean you’re blocked and they’re not.
  • You can’t see their last seen status time. Note that many users set this as private anyway and on its own it’s not 100% reliable.
  • When you send them a message, you see one tick but not two ticks to confirm the message was received, and even after a period of time it never changes. This would be true too if they had just stopped using WhatsApp or changed number without keeping the same account, but combined with all of the other signs above it probably means you’re blocked, or otherwise that the contact long since changed their phone number and isn’t using WhatsApp with their old number anymore.